Wholesale Dealership

Ayendam, which produces large size and small size women's shoes from size 33 to 46, sends wholesale and retail shoes to 7 continents of the world. Whether you are selling in your store, on an e-commerce site or on social media, you can start to make high profits from our products as our dealer, without any lower purchase limit and without the condition of mass purchase.

Bringing fashion to women of the world through our domestic and international dealers, Ayendam sends handcrafted shoes from size 33 to size 46 to 7 continents with the most suitable shipping conditions, with a planning that will also meet the needs of large and small sizes.

Frequently asked Questions

- Is there a minimum purchase requirement for wholesale products?

There is no minimum purchase requirement for wholesale purchases. Any number of products can be shipped to all over the world. Create your order list of the model you want, the color you want, and the numbers you want, wherever you are in the world, we send your products with your contracted cargo or our contracted cargo with the assurance of ACB Global.

- When we buy wholesale products, can we sell them wherever we want?

You can sell the products you have purchased in your store, on your e-commerce site, on your social media channels, in your stores in the marketplaces or to people you know around you. We do not have any limitations regarding this.

- How Do I Become a Dealer?

You can send your dealership request by writing via our Whatsapp line below. We will get back to you as soon as possible for details.