Wholesale Order

You can place your order via the whatsapp order line below. There is no minimum purchase requirement for your wholesale orders. As many products as you want can be shipped to all over the world. Create your order list of the model you want, the color you want, and the numbers you want, wherever you are in the world, we send your products with your contracted cargo or our contracted cargo.


International Cargo

Your orders are delivered to the address of kenya-aircargo company in Turkey. Money transfer is made through kenya-aircargo company. You will make the payment to kenya-aircargo company. We can also send your orders with the cargo company you have contracted with. If there is a courier company that you have a contract with, write us the address of that courier company. If you wish, we can also deliver your orders to the address in Turkey of the cargo you have agreed upon.

Turkey Cargo

The orders you place from Turkey are delivered to your address either with your contracted cargo or with our contracted MNG Cargo or Sürat Cargo.