From the Beginning to the Present Ayendam

Established in 2008, Ayendam has been continuing its efforts to produce the most modern and high quality shoes without giving up comfort for elegance and elegance for comfort since that day. Our brand, which aims to make women of all ages and regions feel stylish, comfortable, special and powerful in high quality and modern shoes, makes designs that will meet the expectations of not only Turkish women, but also women of the world. It creates the most trendy models and colors, taking into account the world fashion trends and the regional clothing and lifestyle of the countries.

In order to save its customers from the financial burden paid to intermediate wholesalers and distributors, it has established its own manufacturing infrastructure and offers the most trendy products wholesale and retail. Ayendam, which offers opportunities such as commission sales and pre-order sales to pioneer the development of e-commerce vendors selling worldwide, has succeeded in appearing in front of women from all over the world in this way.

Bringing fashion to the world's women through our domestic and international dealers, Ayendam sends handcrafted shoes from size 33 to size 46, with the most suitable shipping conditions, to 7 continents and 300+ countries in the world, with a plan that will also meet the needs of large and small sizes.


Our Creations

Ayendam, which makes wholesale and retail sales all over the world, brings together the most trendy models and colors while creating its models, not only in Turkey, but also by following the seasonal conditions and fashion trends of all countries and continents where its dealers and customers are located, and taking into account the regional clothing and lifestyle of the countries. bringing in. Our models, which we have created in the categories of flats, sandals, platform heels, stilettos, boots and boots, also offer large and small size options from 33 to 46.


Workshop and Production

Our handmade shoes, which are produced with 100% handcraft, each one of them manufactured with human labor in our workshops, where we bring together the most skillful hands of the industry, have a quality and durability that cannot be compared with their counterparts that lack fine workmanship in the factory. Our production network, which we have developed in accordance with the increasing need, is constantly being expanded in accordance with the demands coming from all countries of the world.